RPG Countdown (17 June 2009)

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Welcome to RPG Countdown. This bi-weekly show combines the hottest sellers from online retailers with sales figures provided by your friendly local gaming store.

This episode of the Countdown covers the period between 03 June and 16 June 2009.

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RPG Countdown (17 June 2009)

The Hot List
10: Warships of Babylon 5, Mongoose Publishing
9: Rome, Alephtar Games
8: Ready-Made Player Characters (World of Darkness), White Wolf Publishing
7: Damnation View, WildFire
6: Dungeon Perils 1, Fat Dragon Games
5: Basic Dungeons 2, Fat Dragon Games
4: Malfeas, White Wolf Publishing
3: The Day After Ragnarok, Atomic Overmind Press
2: The Testament of Longinus, White Wolf Publishing
1: Mouse Guard, Archaia Studio Press

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