RPG Countdown New Format Announcement

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For the last two years, we’ve been counting down the ten hottest-selling RPG products every two weeks.

Since Gen Con in August, you may have noticed that we have not released a new RPG Countdown.

That’s because we’re changing up the format.

Instead of a bi-weekly release schedule, we’re switching to quarterly.

And instead of just featuring ten products, we’ll be expanding to the Top 25.

In addition, we’ll be doing an annual Countdown of the Top 100 RPG products, which we’ll release in February.

Why are we doing this?

It’ll allow us to get better rankings because we’ll be able to work with more retailers without risking burn-out by going back to them every two weeks.

So stay tuned. Make sure you’re subscribed to the RPG Countdown feed, or join us on the RPG Countdown Facebook page.

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RPG Countdown New Format Announcement

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