RPG Countdown (23 September 2009)

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Welcome to RPG Countdown. This bi-weekly show features the hottest selling digital RPG products.

This episode of the Countdown covers the period between 09 September and 22 September 2009.

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RPG Countdown (23 September 2009)

The Hot List

10: The Spinward Marches, Game Designers’ Workshop

9: Bards, LPJ Design

8: Scoundrel, Mongoose Publishing

7: Calling the King, Wicked Dead Brewing Company

6: Arkham Detective Tales, Pelgrane Press

5: Rough Magicks, Pelgrane Press

4: Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition, Goblinoid Games

3: Barbarians of the Aftermath, Jabberwocky Productions

2: DRAGONSHIRE: Deluxe Edition, Fat Dragon Games

1: Goblin Markets, White Wolf Publishing

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